Online Course

3 easy steps to analyse & interpret any dream



This Dream Interpretation course will help you to unlock the healing secrets of your dreams and receive the messages which your spirit is sending you constantly.

 This course helps you to understand dreams in general, and your own dreams in particular

Dream Dictionaries which give general meanings to common dream objects of are not used, as each symbol is personal to the dreamer (i.e. a black cat could mean good luck to one dreamer, fear to another, allergies to another and witchcraft to yet another).  We approach each object with a variety of possible meanings and narrow it down to your personal meanings.

This online course consists of 3 modules, as follows:

Exploring Dreams

  1. Throw Away Your Dream Dictionaries
  2. What if I Never Dream?
  3. What are Dreams anyway?
  4. Remembering Your Dreams
  5. Types of Dreams
  6. You Are Everything
  7. Analyses Associations
  8. Steps to Analyse a Dream
  9. Meditation “Dreaming”
  10. Interpret Your Own Dream


  1. Personal Unconscious
  2. Collective Unconscious
  3. Archetypes
  4. Develop Your Intuition
  5. Dream Symbol
  6. Plan Your Dream
  7. Interpreting Dream “Fire”
  8. Guidance
  9. Meditation “Meeting your Guide”
  10. Interpret Your Own Dream

Deeper Dreams

  1. Falling Asleep
  2. Sleep Paralysis
  3. Lucid Dream
  4. Recurring Dreams
  5. Unconscious Needs & Desires
  6. Astral Travel
  7. Nightmares
  8. Interpreting Dream “Work”
  9. Meditation “Connections”
  10. Interpret Your Own Dream


  • Why we dream

  • How to remember dreams

  • Meditation to facilitate exploration of dreams

  • 3 step method to analyse & interpret dreams

  • Dream Snippets

  • Getting further information from dreams

  • Working with nightmares

  • Recurring dreams

  • Dream fragments

  • The Collective Unconscious

  • Common dreams & themes

  • Interpreting dreams from others


I have a long history of interpreting dreams on tv, radio, in print and online

And coming soon

Dream Interpretation Advanced Course

Watch out for this online course to further your expertise in Dream Interpretation, covering such fascinating topics as

  • Your Shadow Self
  • Dialoguing with Dream Figures
  • Working with others’ dreams to a deeper level
  • Consciously rewriting your dreams


3 easy steps to analyse & interpret any dream