How often should I have Spiritual Healings?

While one session can relieve minor or very recent disorders, “miracle” or instant cures of more serious pain/illness are rare. Just as the body takes time to get into a state of disharmony, it often needs time to let go of difficulties by degrees. Therefore, you will get most benefit from a series of approximately 6 healings, preferably on a weekly basis. In order to encourage this, Alison offers the sixth healing free.

Can I have healings when I'm feeling well?

You can keep yourself healthy by having regular Maintenance Healings every month. This will keep your energy balanced, and your immune system strong.

What happens during a healing?

You will lie on a plinth (fully clothed), and Alison will let energy flow through her and into her hands. She will then place her hands gently on your body – or if you are not comfortable with this, she will hold her hands just above your body. She will let the energy flow into you, usually through your ankles, knees, hips, stomach, chest, wrists, elbows, shoulders and head. As Alison is always guided by what your body needs, the format may vary at times.

What does a healing feel like?

Every healing is unique. However, common sensations which you may feel are heat/cold/pins-and-needles, or you could feel no reaction at all. It is important to know that the energy will do its healing work, no matter what (if any) sensation you feel. Most people find healings to be deeply relaxing.

Will I feel better immediately after a healing?

It is most likely that you will feel an immediate improvement from your healing. However, it takes up to two days for all the new energy to totally blend with your own energy, so that is when you will really see the results.
Occasionally a condition will worsen temporarily during the healing process – this is known as a healing crisis.

How often would I need to Cut Ties?

Cutting of Ties is a very focussed and precise type of healing. Because of this, one session is very often enough.

I've heard something about drinking water and healings – what is the connection?

Toxins are released during healings, and must be flushed out of the body. Therefore it is recommended that you drink a lot of water after your healing.

What about alcohol?

It is not advised to drink alcohol for 48 hours after having a healing, as the new energy received is still settling during this time. If you choose to ignore this advice, one drink may have the same affect on you as 10 normally would!

Can children have healings?

Yes, healings are very beneficial for children. As children react quickly to healing they need shorter and fewer sessions than adults. A child’s session lasts 30 minutes.

How will I know when I don't need any more healings?

Don’t worry – you’ll know when it no longer feels necessary to have remedial healings. At this stage it is a good idea to have a “maintenance” healing each month.

I usually forget my dreams as soon as I wake up – how could I start to remember them?

If you usually don’t remember your dreams, place a notepad and pen beside your bed – this action tells your sub-conscious that you are serious, and usually results in dreams being remembered.

Can I ask for specific things to be addressed in my dreams?

If there is a problem bothering you, your dreams can help you a lot. All you need to do is ask for the answer/guidance in your dreams as you go asleep.

I get nightmares – what does this mean?

Nightmares hold particularly important messages for us: This is why our sub-conscious minds make sure we notice them!

What about Dream Dictionaries?

Dream Dictionaries are helpful up to a point – they give popular meanings to common images. However, each of us is unique, so it is much more useful to find our own personal meaning to each image in our dreams.


Alison will gently assist you towards wellness at every level, using your choice of holistic therapies, spiritual courses or a combination of both.