In-Person Course

A training course for those interested in spiritual healing for
their own well-being and/or considering a career in healing.



Learn about energy, auras, chakras, how they develop, and difficulties in their development, illness, disease, pain, how to channel energy and gain many insights into yourself and others.

Healing Skills course is both theoretical and experiential, in a safe and supportive environment. The building is decorated in the colour of the chakra each month, with candles, flowers and food of the colour, so you are immersed in the energy of the chakra you are exploring. There is ample supervised practice so that you will be competent to heal others professionally should you choose to do so. The ethos of the Healing Skills Course is respect, safety and enjoyable learning.

Previous students have declared this course to be a wonderful life-changing experience.


The course dates are a month apart so that students can assimilate the material and experiences and practise giving and receiving healing. On-going support is available throughout and after the course.

No previous experience is necessary:

No previous experience is necessary as this Healing Skills Course will cover all relevant material. Those who have experience of any type of healing will find that the Healing Skills course will complement and enhance their practice.


Dates:  8 Saturdays, 10.30 am to 5 pm (approx):

(These dates may need to be changed to keep within any future COVID guidelines)

09 January 08 May
06 February 12 June
06 March 10 July
10 April 07 August

Cost: €950, i.e. Deposit of €250 & 3 installments €250 on 9th January, 6th March and 8th May


  • In-depth study of the chakra system with an understanding of chakras

  • Immersion in the energy of a different chakra each class

  • How to look after our chakras, nourish them and correct any imbalance in them

  • Feeling energy and auras

  • Channeling energy

  • Learning to heal yourself using spiritual energy

  • Giving spiritual healing to another

  • Advanced healing techniques

  • Practical exercises

  • Understanding the root causes of diseases and illnesses and why get them

  • How to protect ourselves from diseases and illnesses

  • Exploring your inner processes

  • Improving your relationships

  • Exploring your purpose in life

  • Keeping energy strong and resistant

  • Enjoyable and powerful meditations

  • Professional approaches to working with clients and much more…


“The best thing I have ever done in my life”

Lorraine Sharpe, Santry

“I don’t scream at my kids since I did this course”

Lisa Mullen, Raheny

“I got so much more than I expected. I have grown, and made major changes”

Molly Redmond, Portlaoise

“Alison is an amazing teacher and facilitator. Having completed the Healing Skills course this year, I would highly recommend it to all! Thank you for a life-changing course.”

Michael O’Hanlon, Sligo


€950 or Deposit of €250 and 3 installments of €250

A training course for those interested in spiritual healing for their own well-being and/or considering a career in healing.